Federal Whistleblower Private Investigator Fired After Blowing the Whistle on His Own Agency

A federal whistleblower detective who put his profession on the line to expose what he calls bureaucratic dysfunction has been fired, NBC Bay Area has actually learned.You can contact to best legal layers here http://www.mahanyertl.com/.

Darrell Whitman, a previous San Francisco-based detective for the Whistleblower Protection Program administered by OSHA, claimed the agency cannot safeguard employees who dealt with retaliation for reporting unlawful activity and public safety concerns.

” They eliminated the squeaky wheel,” Whitman said.

He now sees his own termination from OSHA as retaliation for raising warnings about the firm.

” I was going to report exactly what I believed to be offenses of law and policy,” Whitman stated. “They were going to have to solution to those reports and they didn’t like that.”


In a Notice of Removal composed in May, OSHA states it fired Whitman for six different factors consisting of “absence of candor during an investigatory conference” and “unauthorized release of government documents.”

” The real reason was that I appeared on [NBC Bay Area News],” Whitman stated.

Whitman is now a complainant prior to the Office of Special Counsel, another government agency which safeguards federal workers from retaliation for whistleblowing.

If he achieves success, Whitman’s claim might lead to a settlement with OSHA or include monetary reinstatement.



Tom Devine, the legal director for the Government Accountability Project based in Washington D.C., is representing Whitman. Over the past 3 years Devine has actually testified before Congress, assisted pass whistleblower laws and aided thousands of whistleblowers defend themselves versus retaliation.

Tom Devine, the lega

A critic of OSHA’s Whistleblower Protection Program, Devine believes Whitman’s accusations have merit.

” They prove out based upon my own experience and based on complaints of attorneys who investigate whistleblowers,” Devine said. “Then when we start learning through people who are accountable to protect whistleblowers, it really strikes home.”

OSHA decreased to discuss Whitman’s situation because it is a continuous personnel case. In an e-mail, OSHA acknowledged problems with the Whistleblower Protection Program however said the firm is taking actions to improve the program.

Whitman risked, and lost, his job to expose exactly what he calls OSHA’s failure to safeguard public health and safety. He says he hopes his story will lead the federal government to reform the Whistleblower Protection Program.

“It may be among the most crucial programs in the federal government because it touches all our lives in different ways,” Whitman stated.


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