Whistleblowers pull down by federal government, say MPs

The Cabinet Office has failed to introduce measures to secure and motivate whistleblowers in public services, parliament s investing guard dog has concluded.

The general public accounts committee (PAC) stated that despite peace of mind 18 months ago, it was dissatisfied by the absence of urgency displayed in handling this important topic and required more be done to drive through changes.

The remarks, consisted of in a report published on Friday, follow a variety of whistleblowing scandals which have shaken public self-confidence in organizations.


In a review published in 2014, Sir Robert Francis QC stated a climate of fear existed in the NHS where staff who raised concerns about substandard care were bullied and victimized.


Responding to the report, Tom Watson, Labor’s deputy leader, stated the criticisms followed a series of Cabinet Office gaffes which showed the department was struggling to work appropriately.


Under the leadership of Oliver Letwin, the Cabinet Office is failing. There was the messed up Foal commission, the failure to attend to diversity for senior civil servants, the modifications to voter registration which were rushed through and now a damning report into whistleblowing, he stated.


The federal government promised 2 years ago to reinforce the laws and practices to secure whistleblowers and it has actually unconditionally cannot do so. It has to act right away to attend to the concerns set out in this report.

In a report in August 2014, the committee stated whistleblowers have been shockingly treated and alerted that attempts by departments to improve their policies had actually failed in modifying a bullying culture.


In Friday s report, the committee searched for development in the execution of policies which might help to encourage staff to come forward with concerns about misdeed and ensure that they are correctly safeguarded. It criticized the sluggish development in guaranteeing that those who speak up are safeguarded.

Nearly a year and a half has actually elapsed since the previous committee reported on whistleblowing, however we heard little to persuade us that any genuine change has taken place on the ground, it stated.


A task and surface group, developed to take a look at whistleblowing across Whitehall, has actually fulfilled just as soon as, the committee found. It also discovered that the Cabinet Office does not have the information it has to identify where improvements are needed.

w1While brand-new assistance has been drawn up, the focus has actually been on policy instead of instilling the positive cultures and behaviors required to support those raising an issue, it included.


Cathy James, the chief executive of the whistleblowing charity Public Concern at Work, stated: It has to do with time that there was some genuine action by federal government to make sure that we commemorate and promote whistleblowers who secure the public interest.


A Whitehall source stated Watson s criticisms of the Cabinet Office might not be warranted, claiming that development had actually been made on variety in the public sector and that voter registration had been a success.

A Cabinet Office spokesman stated: The government takes this issue extremely seriously. In January, we gathered data for the first time from throughout departments on whistleblowing cases and will continue do this on a regular basis. This information will be essential as we do something about it to resolve this issue.


As agreed with the committee, we will react to them by the end of the month to reveal the progress that we have actually made.


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